Who we are

Based in McDonough, GA SpeedSource was created with a cumulative passion for speed, flying, and innovation. Never settling for standard FPV components we always strive to push the boundaries of design and continue progressing into the future. 

The SLX is based on a projection that fpv racing drones will continue to utilize more 3D printed parts as the technology continues to progress. 3d printing is the key to producing more complex but lighter as well as stronger components necessary to improve the power to weight ratio of an FPV drone. 

Utilizing NylonX (a blend of Nylon and chopped carbon fiber) we are able to produce parts at ~60% of the density of traditional T300/T700 carbon fiber. This means we can replace strategically selected components to make a lighter frame overall, such is why the SLX can weigh as low as ~48g.

Combining ultra-lite NylonX with ultra-strong T700 gives us the best possible combination for an FPV racing frame. Its light, its strong, and overall its very fast.