Simple 70


Simplicity. Strength. Speed.

  • 6mm thick stainless steel plates to make Street League weight.
  • Run braces or double stack your arms, both contain extreme durability.
  • Arms come with a 1 year guarantee from breaking, see below!
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The Simple 70 drone frame, is a robust and adaptable option for Street League drone racing, emphasizing simplicity, strength, and speed.

This is the ideal frame for those seeking a durable, easy-to-build racing drone.

Get 3D print and open source files here:

  • 6mm thick everything. Arms, braces and plates are all 6mm!
  • Stainless Steel bottom plate, mid plate, and top plate.
  • Optional brace - can run stacked arms or braces to meet spec
    • stacked arms get you very close to weight
    • motors such as VCI tanks will likely be too heavy (should work with brace configuration)
  • Tapered arms for max strength all the way through
  • M4 hardware
  • 20x20 or 30x30 mounting - holes are all tapped to hold screws while you put your stack together
    • 20x20 mounting tapped into top plate for VTX mounting
    • also room for RX under top plate
  • 19mm motor mounting
  • Arms lock in and use 3 screws for maximum strength
Standard Version with Braces
  • x4 - M4 x 25mm countersunk screw
  • x6 - M4 x 18mm countersunk screw
  • x4 - M4 x 16mm screw
  • x4 - M3x 25mm stack screw

Stacked Arms Version

  • x6 - M4 x 25mm countersunk screw
  • x4 - M4 x 30mm countersunk screw
  • x4 - M4 x 16mm screw
  • x4 - M3x 25mm stack screw

Prints Included

  • Variable Camera mount - should fit most all nano sized cameras
  • Aero Fin - has cutout on bottom for extra weight if necessary
  • Antenna Mount - works for most antennas including SMA

How to assemble the frame

Arm Guarantee

  • Break any arm and we'll send you a replacement, just pay shipping!
  • Send a picture of broken arm and your order number and that's it!

Additional information

Weight .15 g
Dimensions 25.4 × 15.2 × 2.54 in
Simple 70 Frame

Standard Frame with Braces, Double Stack Arms (no braces)

TPU Color

None, SpeedSource Red, Super Series Blue, Manny Motor Purple, Simple White