Fastest stick ends in the game!

Fits M4 threads.

The print is threaded and should hold in place at any height on the stick. No nuts necessary!

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WIdeBody: can be used any way but best for pinchers. Thin up top, wide up on the bottom for maximum grip on fingers and thumbs. ~30mm tall.

The WideBody is the likes of something you have never seen before. Up top we have a standard set of wide duty spikes for thumb grip, moving slightly down comes the "hula spike." The hoop provides a natural resting point for thumb and/or finger. Last we have the main event.. the wide body. Working off the lateral grip of the expanding ridge, the stick umbrellas out matching the curve of most index fingers. This allows your finger to slide down into place and give you a resting point where you wont fall down the stick. Try these out, but be careful of all the excitement. You may scream, yelp, or shout!

These are threaded in the print, they are tapped as well and should slide right on. The also have added friction to stay in place so you can easily adjust the height as needed.


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Weight .15 g
Dimensions 25.4 × 15.2 × 2.54 in