Premium Straw Hat


Want to look good and fly fast? Check out our straw hats!

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Whether you just want to look good while out and about or need next level sun protection while running the track, SpeedSource has you covered (literally)!

  • Top notch style: This premium hat is constructed from weaved straw, featuring a wide brim, lined headband and adjustable chin strap;¬†all the sun protection and good looks you need for a day out at the track, beach, or anywhere the sun shines bright down on you
  • Super comfy: While the lined headband is for comfort, it also features integrated sweat whisking for those hot summer days.
  • Drawstring closure – tie your hat down on windy days or throw your hat on your back while you fly a quick heat.
  • Hand Wash Only – keep your hat clean and comfortable.


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